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Queensland University of Technology (QUT) is a major Australian university that ambitiously positions itself as a university for the real world of today and tomorrow. As graduates student from QUT,  CI  (creative industries) faculty provided us an opportunity to re-branding the faculty identity  in order to achieve a better influence to the public.

Target Audiences →

We are focusing on the younger generation Z potential undergraduates.

Their characteristics include being freedom seekers and often like to see things from different angles / thinking outside the box. Positions CI Faculty to be a platform that provides students with the platform to fully express themselves creatively.


Inspiration →

The inspiration of flowrish comes from wash painting which made by different degree of diluted ink.

A student just like a painter.  The degree of diluted ink in wash painting is always depends on the painter to explore the best visual effect. Every diluted ink are unique in terms of the degree just like the human beings. But at the beginning, all of the ink are not diluted, they are the same. And University just like the brush that offer a tool for student to explore themselves.

Concept →

The idea revolves around the image created when ink is dropped into water. It captures the fluidity and flow of water, while also being unique and different: when it is created, no two ink patterns are the identical.This shows the flow of creativity taking shape and how everyone is unique. The body of water representing the potential students, the container being QUT, supporting and providing them an environment to flourish in. Finally the ink is the CI faculty, enabling them to fully express themselves in visible, beautiful forms that is unique to themselves. Hence comes the project name Flowrish, derived from the 2 words: Flow and Flourish.

We want to show how CI is a place where it can let the creativity flow and also provide an environment to flourish, for them to achieve their potential for the real world.

Bottle tag 

We considered including a deliverable of ink drop bottles that will be given out on orientation day. The bottles give the student or potential students a small token from the experience of engaging with the CI department, in order to further enhance our concept and create a memorable product. The bottles will be filled with water and have an ink dropper attached to the underside of the lid. Students will be able to experiment with the ink dropping, take pictures of it with their phones, and then take the bottle home with them. The paper attachment on the bottle will provide instructions on the process, plus a link to the CI Facebook page and an Instagram hash tag for them to categorise their photos. This will create and online interactivity between the students during the orientation event. It is this event that will show them that they too can spread, flourish and flow through the CI department and QUT.


Concepts and development: Hosea Duan (me),Joseph Long
Video taking and editing: Hosea Duan
Visual: Hosea Rosanne Lee, Joseph Long, Jazlyn Lin


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