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It caves companionship. It despairs in loneliness. It need others to the extent that it is self-destructive. The Project evokes a sense of sorrow for the creature when it hurts itself and begs those to comfort it. it begs the visitor to doubt themselves if they should stay or leave. 




Inspiration ↑

We started think three keywords that in a big range of interesting, which is addicted, annoying and awkward. By explored these keywords, we discussed a series animal actions, for example : A flying moth dart into fire, snake eat itself which related to those keyword.

After discussed, we find out that self-destructive is a interesting idea to work on. The question of how to enhance the feeling of self destructive leading us to a mock up level.

By build a small version of robot arm, we trying to get a action of self-destructive in a directly way, which is bite itself. Then we extend this action to be more like animal. Which that including three different action under different situation.

It is far away, near by, and left away. We want to give a feeling of sorry to our audience when they see it, they need to pay more attention to things that they care at.


Function →

Lonelily is a robot arm with sensor. If the sensor detects changes in distance, then the action of robot arm will change accordingly.It designed with three mainly distance area that will trigger three actions.

First of the distance is 2 meters away, then robot arm will still and do nothing.

Secondly, when audience step closer between 2 meters and 1 meters, then Lonelily will starting bite it self’s feather

Thirdly, When audiences step in a range of 1 meters, Lonelily will show happy action randomly such as shake its neck. The last distance is when audiences walk 1 meters away from Lonelily, it will bite itself again.



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