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MeMix is an simple interaction instrument for people who don’t know to play music instrument to enjoy the fun of remixing music by using various hand movements and gestures. 


Demo Video  ↑


Instruction layout  ↑

A computar with Processing Application and MIDI in/output will be the host of Memix. There will be two part connect with host. Part 1 is Arduino MEGE board and interfacing module, they are the receivers for on/off signal from sensor.  Part 2 is leap motion which receive motion and gesture sensor and transfer into output. 


Leap Motion  ↑

Leap Motion recognises hand movements (like position / direction ) as well as gestures. Then it sends the signals to Processing.

The vertical position of hands controls the volume of the background soundtrack. Showing the fist is to mute the soundtrack. And moving hands like DJ will trigger some disk scratch sounds to simulation the situation of real DJ.


Beat Units  ↑

The beat unit help to compose drum rhythms. The red LED lights at the bottom indicates the timeline and it always loop from left to right, 16 beats in total.

Each column indicates one beats, and each line indicates different drum sounds. Once the light reaches one column and detects connection, corresponding sound will be played.

The first of the beats was to insert cards to input the rhythms. But after user test, I find out that technically it is hard to detect the signal for input, and  only have small tolerance for detection. And the worse thing is that it can’t insert the cards quickly for audiences to change the beats.

My solution is change to cube and using eight nails for detecting the input.


Recommend By Arduino  ↑

Memix had an interview by Arduino on 2016.

And they was post Memix project on their official website.  Memix on Arduino


Attend in Maker Faire 2017 Hong Kong ↑


Project Advisor: Dr. Clifford Choy
Product & Laser-cutting: Theodore Tsai, Mandy So, Hosea Duan (me)
Soldering: Hosea Duan (me), Alice Tang, Susie Guo
Processing & Arduino Coding: Theodore Tsai
UI&UX : Hosea Duan (me)
Video Editing: Theodore Tsai
Technical Support: Victor Zhang
Credits –
Arduino Board: Mega 2560
Library used for Arduino: Adafruit NeoPixel
Libraries used for Processing: Minim, LeapMotionMusic loops and samples are from Progressive Dance Pack by Jason Donnely (DJ Puzzle).

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