Font Design, Exhibition

Monosym it not only a font, but also a sprit. A sprit of challenging ourselves to pursue beauty.  The reason behind the name Monosym was inspired by the word monolithic – large, rigid, powerful and the word Serif. Our inspiration also came from observing cells during lab session, and we took shapes from different cells that we saw and put it together.

The Concept →

The interesting shapes of cells captivated us during lab session. We started to look at different plant’s cells in microscope, and portray them in papers. and decided to use circle and triangle to representing a cell in an abstract way. Gap in the letters are inspired by the gap between each cell. Cells are very much alive and dynamic, we also wanted our font to be dynamic and vivid. We altered some of the basic shapes into something more complex and dynamic to truly present to definition of each letter. All the ideas around Monosym is to create a font with an interesting shape that is recognizable and enjoyable.


Font Exhibition 2013





Hosea Duan (left) / Geoff Chan (right)


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