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Everyday, HK people purchase an average of 1,500,000 water bottles. The height, if stacked up vertically, is equivalent to 737 IFC’s. 6 of 7 of these water bottles end up in the landfill. This is a school project that envisioning new services to reduce plastic bottle waste in Hong Kong. Our client is Urban Spring, which committed to offering innovative and sustainable solution to reduce single-use plastic waste in Hong Kong.


Pilot study

Waste Date Hong Kong  ↑

Plastic waste accounts for 19.7% of municipal solid waste in Hong Kong. This translates to 1,826 tonnes of plastic waste generated every day. The group estimates up to 5.2 million polyethylene terephthalate (PET) plastic bottles are disposed of every day in Hong Kong, but in 2014 just 14 per cent were recovered for recycling. The international average is 37 per cent.


Pilot study


Result from observation ↑

We went 4 locations and 6 different shops to do the observation for 3 and a half hours.  In the 147 sold bottled drinks we observed, 17.8% are bottled water.

Compared to bottled water, customers are more likely to buy those drinks have some tastes like,tea, tetra classic package drinks or sugary drinks like lemon tea. In Hung

Hom (train) Station, the sales of bottled water are more than other drinks. Maybe consumers are more likely to buy bottled water for their following several hours trips . Really good insight!


Pilot study

Visit cilent

urban spring office  ↑

We were asked to visit urban spring which aims to self-experience of their water fountain machine called well# (well machine).


Interview & Analysis

Affinity diagramming ↑

We have seven in-depth interviews with 20-27 yo adults, the question mainly focus on health, shopping and environment side of  using drink bottle.

When we have the data, we analysis it by affinity diagramming. As the result:

  • Many knows they have to drink water and how much, thought need reminders to not forget to drink.
  • Many people have water bottles, but don’t carry them constantly.
  • Many are aware of environmental issues, but it is not a decision maker.
  • Major factor for many decisions is convenience.
  • Go shopping alone, but willing to join friends if invited.
  • People care about their health more than about environment.



idea 1 – Postcard

Postcard Design ↑

As nowadays internet are popular,  postcard already ancient for most of the young generation. But the value of postcard still remain on personal hand-writing. It is more meaningful to send out the care by postcard other than messages. The idea of postcard sending is that customer can easily write on the wishes and send to their friends for free by a well# campaign. There are two stickers on the postcard for both sender and receiver. Once they sticker it on the bottle, whenever next time they shopping together bring their own bottle with the sticker, they will get discount offered by urban spring. It is the way to encourage more people to bring bottle while they are shopping.

However, we were give up this idea because it might too difficult for user to understanding the concept of sticker with the bottle. The learning cost for user is high.




idea 2 – Bottle sticker

Bottle sticker Design ↑

A simple bottle sticker with the idea of hug the bottle was create in order to encourage everyone to use their own bottle instead of buy single-use plastic bottled water. On the sticker, it  comes with a QR-code which is the location of the well# where user can get water. Additionally, user can design their own sticker on the design booth next to well#.

two version of sticker ↑

it comes with two version of sticker. One is the word version, which used only word. Another version is character . We have male/female  version, and animal version for user to choose. They can even design their own sticker on the booth next to well#.


This idea have been taken by Urban Spring for further development.


Services Blueprint


Showcase on Event

Wow & Flutter “THE WEEKEND” 2017 ↑

As the invite from Urban Spring, we were participants in wow and flutter 2017 Hong Kong  music festival with an updated music related sticker.

Group member :

Becky Zeng

Hosea Duan

Maryna Aleksandrova

Yang Tian


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