DairyMilk Chocolate package engage with PACT and Emotion Design Theory


Package Design, Problem solving

This is a school project that analysis Dairy milk chocolate by PACT and emotion design.


People would not buy this product because it’s an ineffective functional product that in uents use experiences. Because most of the customer would not eat this size of chocolate at once, the package is hard to keep the chocolate for a long time. Once the package is open, it has to be nish in one time, or use a binder to seal off the package.

Active →

The goal of this package is to attract people to buy this product, and pack the product in a safe and suitable way. As the result, this product is failed in both goals. First if all, the visual identity of the product has no visual interesting, this might result in that ineffectively to attract audiences by the outlook of the product. Secondly, the product is failed to keep the product in a safe and suitable way for a long time. Once customer open the packaging, the chocolate is hard to be keeping in the package anymore.

Content →

The physical environment of this product is placed on the shelf of supermarket, which is a noisy and light environment. The materials of this product used of plastics, which is inapplicable to a chocolate product. The materials will also in uents in the judgment of its audiences. A plastic is a chemical martial that will harmful to food and human body, and it is a cheap material that that make the product cheap as well.

Emotion design →

As Norman (2004) stated, the behavioural level is about use and experience with a product. It is to understand how people will used a product and always apply human entered design. Daily milk chocolate package, the function of package does not work well on the product. Customer will not finish a big size of chocolate at one time, and when people want to keep the chocolate into the package, it is very hard for them to seal off the package. This shows that the brand does not understand the customer, and how customer will use a product. Badly conceived behavioural design can lead to great frustration. Just like Norman (2004) point out that many designs fail because designers and engineers are often self-centered. The successful behavioral design should used human-centered design, and the best way of discovering the user’s need is observation.

On a reflective level of emotion design, it is all about the message of the product and its use. The daily milk have a plastics package, which is a cheap marital that re ect to its product value. The failed of material choice are directly reflect. As Norman stated that customers relationships play a major role at the reflective level, so mush so that a good relationship can completely reverse an otherwise negative experiences with the product.

Norman, D. A. (2004). Emotional design: Why we love (or hate) everyday things. New York: Basic Books.

Re-design ↑

The material of re-design package used are paper, which bring an organic feeling to its audiences. Rather than plastic material, recycle paper in a way is standing out the brand attitude, and the touch feeling is much more elegant than plastic as well. Visually, it keep Dailymilk’s original colour but making the design simpler to transfer the information to its audiences.


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