Rush Express

Rush Express


App, Problem Solving

This is a school project that aims to experiences one selected service and find a problem from observation. Finally  provide a solution at the end.


Low Efficiency

From the self-experiences of buy a coffee at different time on Rush express, I find out that the busiest time is in the morning. People are wait in a long line to get a coffee to go to class. Some people are just quit from the line because they are late for class. Low efficiency of produce a coffee will directly influents the coffee shop’s reputation, and it is not much the coffee shop’s idea of rush and express as well.

The Solution →

The aim of online order app is to help customer pre-order their coffee online instead of wait in a line. Though the observing at Rush express, I find that many people are just quit from the long line because they do not have enough time to wait for a coffee. An online order app can easily to solve this problem. It allows customer to order at anywhere they want, they can order a coffee at class, or on a bus. Once customer orders successfully, app will automatically send a personal notification to reminder pick up a coffee at Rush express. It is also an interactive way to connect with its customer. The app is an effectively way to save time and increase efficiency. Most of customer is young generation; app will also satisfy their needs as well.


Lack of  Visual Identity

From the observing at Rush express, I find out that the visual identity of Rush express is lack, which failed to express the idea of rush and express. The main color of red is a bright color that grabs audience’s attention, however, there is no visual interesting on the menu as well as the coffee cup. The target audience of Rush express is mainly QUT student who is a young generation, an effective visual identity will attract more people and promote the sale.

The Solution →

Basically, re-design of Rush express’s visual identity is about an idea of rush and express. I took an inspiration from the original brand’s color, which is the red. Red color has a meaning of urgency and energy. Through brainstorming, I decided to use a thunder to transfer a meaning of energy and high speed of Rush express. The entire visual identity is applied flat design, which is suitable and matches the style of Rush express’s target audiences. Although a simply design elements will easier for customer to remember, and the menu on the wall will work effectively transfer information to its audiences. Compare with the original visual style, this re-design have more visual interesting to its customer.


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